Q: What is Aliens Vs Nerf Guns?

A: Aliens Vs Nerf Guns is a fully interactive black-lit haunted house that is infested with aliens. Each member of your group gets one nerf gun to survive.

Q: Do the Aliens also have nerf guns?

A: No. The aliens will try to scare you, but they will not be equipped with nerf guns to fire back.

Q: Can I bring my own nerf gun, ammo, or similar to the event?

A: No. Outside toys, ammo, handheld accessories, or weapons of any kind will not be allowed at the event.

Q: Where is Parking?

A: Parking is free and on-site.

Q: When are lines the shortest?

A: Lines are shortest if you arrive right at 7pm or if you arrive between 9:30pm and 9:45pm. The ticket booth stops selling tickets at 10pm sharp.

Q: Will the event be cancelled for bad weather?

A: No. This event is 100% indoors.

Q: Is there an age minimum?

A: No. However, the attractions are scary and due to the nature of wielding a nerf guns, we do not recommend this event for children under 13. Discretion is advised. In addition, children under the age of 18 years old who purchase the “Special Ops Mission” ticket, will need to provide a signed waiver by a guardian on site. Choose the “Recruit Mission” if you do not want to sign a waiver.

Q: Why is a waiver required for the Special Ops Mission ticket?

A: Although running is strictly prohibited, we are concerned that the special ops mission may encourage people to run in order to preserve their ‘capture the flag belt’. Please know that the aliens will not run, and that you are strictly prohibited from running in or at the event. In addition, the capture the flag belt may lie near sensitive parts of the body (at waist level), thus the patron must understand that they are allowing actors to reach and grab at the belt, which is at waist level, in an attempt to pull the flag. Our Recruit Mission ticket is the perfect alternative for patrons or parents who do not want the ‘capture the flag belt’ option.

Q: If I enter the event near closing time, will I still be able to enter both attractions?

A: Yes. The event will remain open until every customer in line has been able to go through both attractions. However, the ticket booth will stop selling tickets at 10pm sharp.

Q: What is a fast pass?

A: A fast pass ticket allows you to skip the general admission line of Aliens Vs Nerf Guns. This could save you between 30 and 75 minutes of waiting in line.

Q: Can I purchase the tickets on-site?

A: Yes, however, we accept cash only. There is a ATM on-site.

Q: Is there another location?

A: Yes. Aliens Vs Nerf Guns will be touring the SF Bay Area and Sacramento areas.

Q: Are there discounts for large groups?

A: Yes, Aliens Vs Nerf Guns may offer a discount for groups of size 20 or more if booked 48 hours in advance. Please contact info@aliensvsnerfgunsbayarea.com.

Q: Can I take BART to Aliens Vs Nerf Guns?

A: Yes. Use the Bayfair BART stop. The event is located at the Bayfair Center, which is located directly next to the Bayfair BART stop.